We appreciate the efforts made by the school in updating parents through weekly reports. Though we get the learning focus of the theme which is very helpful, this would be an add on. As I have observed, the Shalom Presidency team makes a really good effort in making children understand and upgrade their skills. I have sometimes observed and mostly been updated by Aditi on various talks and activities taking place in her class…I feel this type of information when shared with parents makes SPS stand apart from other schools in Gurgaon. It make parents feel proud in making the right choice for their little ones.

I would take this opportunity to share an experience:
Aditi was very scared of lizards and one fine day she came to us and said that we shouldn’t be scared of lizards any more as they are very important and help us by eating small flies/insects. Wow! The concept of eco-balance was taught so well to these children. This information when shared with parents will make them understand that SPS is the best school in Gurgaon.

Student: Aditi | Class: Nursery A