10 Ways to Quieten a Noisy Class

“Quiet please. No Talking!” How often do you use these words in your class? Or are you tired of it and feel that no matter what you can’t keep those voices down. Getting the students to calm down before a class starts requires a lot of patience, thought process and planning. It is indeed tiresome to keep on requesting for silence and finally your words will feel so mundane that the teenagers and the younger children will stop listening to you anyway. You need to master the art of handling the children. It is important not to lose your temper or shout at them.

Here are a few out-of-the-box ideas which can help you to get the attention of your students:

  1. Play a song or ask the students to sing one!

To catch the attention of the younger kids, playing a song or asking them to sing one can do the trick. Songs get an instant response from children. They will focus on you and stop the chattering. You can play some engaging music, and if you can play an instrument while your children hymn to the tunes, nothing like it. You can choose songs which relate to educational activities. Remember, just do the song once and keep the duration short. When the song stops, the teaching begins.

  1. Play with an engaging sound

You can play a small game with engaging sounds. Choose a specific and interesting sound, and tell the students that once it stops, everyone will raise their hands. Everyone will be silent as they need to listen carefully and not to raise their hands before it stops. Sounds can be of bells, whistles, chimes, etc.

  1. Clap your hands

No, it’s not a birthday celebration we are talking about. Clap your hands in a specific
rhythm till all the children join you. It is an age-old and effective way of getting their attention. This works even for an auditorium full of students!

  1. Countdown

This is a simple yet a proven technique to calm down a noisy class. You can do it in various ways. Maybe you signal with your hands up in the air and count from 10 to 0 and give them that time to settle down and listen to you when you say ‘0’.

  1. Specific Rules and Penalties

Make a list of rules and make sure that the scholars know about it. You can make a chart and pin it to the classroom board. Those who do not follow the rules, get a black star on the chart and must clean up the class. Alternatively, reward those who consistently follow rules with a no-homework day or maybe some chocolates / sweets will do the trick. Think of innovative options and you will surely get your way around.

  1. Don’t Get Angry

Anger does not solve anything. It builds nothing and can destroy everything. If you keep on shouting at the children and lose your temper often, the word will quickly spread that you are unable to manage the class properly. The children will stop listening to you and will feel antagonised.

  1. Practice relaxation and simple exercises

These techniques work well for the primary school students. Tell the children to close their eyes for a few seconds and take a few deep breaths. Make them do a few simple exercises like neck movements or hand-stretching, and they will get ready for the class.

  1. Speak softly

Try a different accent and start speaking in a soft tone to one group of students. The others will naturally feel curious and want to know what you are talking about!

  1. All work and no play, makes Jack a dull boy

This proverb is so true. Children feel bored with work to be done the whole day. Make it interesting and announce that you are going to play a 2-minute game like a brain puzzle, quiz, any fun game or try a tongue-twister. It makes things interesting and they will adore you for those few minutes of fun.

  1. Change is the name of the game

There is no one rule which will work for you and your class. Try out different ways to engage your class and keep on innovating. Change your style every month to keep the kids engaged and get their attention.


There is no hard and fast rule to calm a noisy and difficult class. A teacher has to try different methods and techniques as per the age and type of students in the class. Be patient, put on your thinking caps and you will surely get the students engaged.

Navleen Singh
English Teacher
Shalom Presidency School