What we are today is the result of what we valued yesterday…What we will be tomorrow will be the result of what we value today...” – Swami Vivekananda

At Presidency, we firmly believe that children develop academic diligence when they are involved with a Value-Based education system. Values play an important role in shaping a child’s future.

We will be helping our children to understand the concept of sharing and giving without seeking any reward and exploring how they can act with generosity not only with material objects but also with their time, words and actions.

So let us join hands and reach out to the less fortunate ones and make a difference in the society in our own little way. To further execute the same into action we are organizing a “Generosity Week’ at Presidency. We request you to show your generosity, and help us collect as many clothes, toys, books, blankets as possible. You are requested to send it with your child from 13th December, 2016 onwards.

Following guidelines to be followed for donation:


  • Should not be torn, stained, soiled or worn out
  • Should be washed, ironed and packed in a paper bag
  • Undergarments not allowed

2. Toys/ Stuffed toys

  • Should not be broken/ torn
  • Should be packed in a box/ carton
  • Gun or any Offensive toys/ games not allowed

3. Electronics, decorative items etc. are not preferred
4. Clean Blankets.

Your kind efforts will be appreciated.

For outsiders, you may submit the bag at the school reception. For any further doubts or clarification you may contact on 7838297733.