exam-blueBeating the exam blues with some useful tips.

Good habit is a matter of practice. For the young generation, developing the right study habits is a matter of clever thinking and time management. To be a jack-of-all-trades and master of none will not help. It has to be slow and steady to win the race.

While Google has to offer a myriad of suggestions, the best way to arm themselves with the correct amount of knowledge is to review their own work on a regular basis, creating small notes, highlighting the key points and taking mock tests to be certain of their status are some of the ways to be sure of what they are doing and how they are doing it.

Amidst the pressure, what most of the scholars forget is to create a plan for themselves. Planning is the foremost, important way to make everything else fall in its place.

The task is not to spend hours with the books but quality work.

It is always suggested that one should take small breaks to improve concentration and retain what you have learnt.  Be a master of your fate and create your own success story with the right attitude and right way of doing things.

Remember, exam is just a gateway to success, unlock it with your knowledge. You are never near the goal until you are actually there, don’t be over confident and never tarry your preparations for tomorrow, for as we all know tomorrow never comes.

Do not cut off from the outside, stay connected but don’t stay glued to your social media accounts. Everything will remain but time would fly past so time your activities.

Keep anxiety and pressure at bay, you know yourself and your capabilities better than your friends, neighbors and relatives, keep your head held high and free from all hovering expectations.

Nida Ashraf
English Teacher
Shalom Presidency School