Time for celebrations, time to rejoice the victory of good over evil.

To sensitize the students about our culture, tradition and the significance of the festival, a special assembly on Dussehra, was conducted by the spirited students during the Dussehra week, 19-22 October 2020. All the characters of the great epic ‘Ramayana’ came alive in their colourful attires as the students dressed up as their favourite characters from the great epic, Ramayana and highlighted the qualities of these characters that they admire the most. The celebration ignited the young minds and reiterated the message that good alone will be victorious. The students were their creative best and made beautiful paper craft Ravanas. They also made delectable coconut laddoos to complete the celebration and bring it to its final culmination. The enthusiasm of the students was infectious and knew no bounds.

Summing up, the event was a learning experience for all about our rich Indian culture and values.