Childhood, characterised by the inexhaustible cackle of laughter, unbridled effervescence and carefree cheer is certainly the best period of one’s life and what better day to celebrate it, than Children’s Day itself.

To spread this gaiety further, a plethora of activities such as ‘Character Parade’, ‘Guess Your Friend’, ‘Make Over Time’, ‘Little Chef Activity’ and ‘E-card making Activity’ were conducted in Grades I to IV throughout the week. An informative video on Children’s Day was shown to the students to apprise them of the significance and history behind the celebration. The children dressed as yesteryear actors and actresses and famous characters, and emoting the character portrayed were a sight to behold. The jubilation and excited energy of the students was infectious and spread onto others like wildfire. It provided a platform to unleash their creative talent and express their emotions aesthetically. It was a bright and colourful celebration which will remain etched in the minds of one and all!·