The students experienced the nature by accompanying the teacher for a nature walk. Students visited the school nursery, observed the variety of plants and were thrilled to know that they will grow their own plant. Students thoroughly enjoyed the experience of seeing the small little seeds, feeling them in their hand and sowing them in their own school.
The little farmers every week visited their little nursery to observe the change in the seed they sowed. The little farmers observed how the seed had germinated and grown into a little gentle sapling. One every visit they witnessed the magic of nature and noted their observations of how a seed can grow into a plant which forms the most important part of their surroundings. In the open environment the little farmers understood the elements that are required for a plant to grow healthy. They discussed the importance of sunlight, water and manure in the growth of a plant.

Not only this the activity of nature walks continued offering many more learning. The keen learners learned the various parts of a plant by observing and touching them in the garden. The great minds observed and had many questions tinkled their minds. The teachers, then discussed the difference between creepers, climbers, different type of roots-fibrous and tap roots and how the tree provides us with endless things. The little farmers were completely enthusiastic to learn so many things about their nature and pledged to value their mother nature