We are really very happy with the progress of our child in your school. My Son, Aryan is in Class 1 and joined Shalom Presidency School in Apr-14. In the last 4 months we have seen a tremendous improvement in the behavior & knowledge level of my child.

Apart from gaining book knowledge, the teachers also teach the children by showing practical examples & doing various activities in the class.The teachers also educate the children by showing pictures & movies through videos and smart boards, thereby it remains in their memory for a long time.The school also offers horse riding and skating & has a big ground where he can play & enjoy Physical education. My son also likes the way they teach Maths, especially additions.

The school also has an excellent English language trainer, children are constantly improving their language skills & improve their personality. Even in Hindi, the teacher is so cooperative & the course contents are so well designed that even our doubts are also now cleared. We are really happy that we took the decision to put my child in Shalom Presidency School. Hoping for a bright future for my child.