When we enrolled Rahul in Shalom Presidency, mid-session, we knew it was not easy for the teachers due to the change in his syllabus and his language constraint. However, the teachers are very cheery and assuring…always giving hugs and kisses to the children. The teachers are open to suggestions and keep the parents abreast of the developments every day. Updating us through SMS is awesome! We feel completely satisfied for having chosen the best school in NCR. The school provides variety of meals and ensures that children eat happily, without wasting.

We want to let the teachers know that they have helped in the development our son and taught him well. He has been very confident from day one in school. We are impressed by the setting and design of extra-curricular activities at Shalom Presidency School. It provides a nurturing environment for children to learn and interact with one another. Thanks to the comprehensive curriculum prepared by the school, it is preparing our son well too. Keep up the great work and keep rocking Shalom Presidency!