“Teachers are the parents who guide us without any ulterior motive”

To commemorate the momentous occasion, the students of Shalom Presidency as a mark of tribute, expressed their gratitude and appreciated the tireless and interminable efforts of their teachers. Children across Grades V- XI, conducted special assemblies, wherein, they showcased their inherent talents in form of numerous presentations. The exceptionally talented Shalomites expressed their views on the significance of this day and spoke at length about Dr. Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan, a well- known diplomat, scholar, the president of India and above all, a great teacher. The enthusiasm caught up as children made greeting cards, penned down poems or earnest feelings about the influence of teachers in their lives.

The heart- warming and gratifying performances put up by the Shalomites left the audience enthralled and brought a sparkling smile on everyone’s faces.