Shalom Presidency believes in introducing innovation into everything it does. It never ceases to come up with definitive ideas to ensure it does things the righteous way. Selecting the members of the council is a consequential and mammoth task. At Presidency, equal opportunities are allocated to each child to become a part of the Student Council. The selection procedure encompasses a meticulous screening in the form of interviews. The students desirous of serving the school council must undergo two rounds of interviews. The first round requires them appear before panellists comprising the senior mentors and HODs. The clearance in the first round propels them forward to the face to face interview round with the Principal and coordinator. The students only get to serve the student council if they triumphantly weather the two rigorous interview rounds displaying their skills and strengths to lead others.

This unique method of selecting the members of the Student Council, in effect, helps developing those pertinent skills in students that are pre-requisites to functioning effectively in the outside competitive world.