Grade 5 Student Activities

//Grade 5 Student Activities

Skeletal System

July 12th, 2018|

We are living in the 21st century world wherein everything seems to be very detailed and informative.

Properties of Air

February 5th, 2016|

Students volunteered to bring balloons from home. They were asked to fill the balloons with air. As they blew air into the balloons the volume of the balloons increased.

Force and Energy

January 12th, 2016|

Identify the types of force acting around us. Students were taken to the Science lab and divided into groups.

एक बूँद

November 12th, 2015|

An activity to acknowledge and depict the tools used for measurement.


November 9th, 2015|

An activity to acknowledge and depict the tools used for measurement.

Math Class on Percentage

October 5th, 2015|

Students will be able to understand the meaning of percent and how to further convert it into fraction and decimal.

New Ideas in Europe

August 31st, 2015|

Students of Grade V used their research skills to learn about the Famous European People who lived few hundred years ago and developed a questioning attitude.

Identifying Rocks & Minerals

July 15th, 2015|

Students of grade V were taken to the field within school campus and shown the building coming up. They could identify rocks like sandstone, granite and marble easily.

Power of Numbers

July 8th, 2015|

Students of grade V learnt how to express the numbers in exponential form and Index notation to whole number. Progressing further in power of numbers students learned vocabulary of mathematical terms.

Understanding Force: Physics

April 29th, 2015|

Students were taken to the courtyard on the first floor and made to play dodge ball. As they enjoyed the play they were asked to focus on the movement of the ball.