Story-telling sessions has been the most exciting part of the weekly timetable, for the little wonders of the Galaxy Wing. Filling the imagination of rich hues of vibrant images, through story-telling enables them to think thoughtfully and creatively, and it becomes all the more meaningful when such activities are accompanied with learning.

The educators of Galaxy Wing has always strived to make things simple and interesting for our precious scholars. Connecting the story-telling session with the theme of the month ‘Food and Nutrition’ made fun with learning, practical.

While narrating the story of a hungry tiger and his choice of food, the educators of Galaxy Wing, did help the young ones identify and segregate the healthy food from the unhealthy ones. Children could excitedly prompt the benefits of eating healthy and staying healthy.

It is to build a strong foundation of meaningful learning, that we at Presidency, practice Experiential Learning and has been attempting to take it to the next level.