We are living in the 21st century world wherein everything seems to be very detailed and informative. To imbibe that level of learning in the students. We, at Shalom Presidency, provide 21st century skills to the students so that they can cope up not just with the rapidly changing world in front of them but also to understand the internal changes in their bodies. As a part of the same, the students of Grade V B visited science lab to understand the bone structure of human body. With the help of Visual Learning skills, they understood and saw the types of bones present in the body. They interpreted that in spite of their hard structure bones can be bent due to the presence of Joints in the body. They identified various types of joints in the skeletal system and were amazed to learn that they all have the same skeletal structure in their bodies. They all were amazed but at the same excited to see their internal bone structure right in front of their eyes which they could feel and touch.