A session on student’s safety was conducted on 29 March’19 for the bus drivers and the lady guards by the school counselor Ms. Elizabeth B. Thomas, Ms. Suniti Bhai, senior academic coordinator, and Mr. Satyaveer Singh Yadav, administrative officer. The session highlighted how they play an important role in the safety and security of the students. They were told to be alert and punctual in disposing of their duties and were also asked to report any matter which they think can hamper the well- being of the students in the school to the concerned authorities at the right time. Bus drivers and lady guards were told to be extra vigilant in picking up and dropping off the children.  No child to be handed over without the pick-up card and if there is no one at the pick-up point then the student needs to be brought back to the school. Discipline needs to be maintained on the bus with the support of the route teachers and senior students. Attendance has to be taken on a regular basis at arrival and dispersal by the lady guards in the absence of the route teacher.  It was instructed that the lady guard would inform the administrative officer about the culmination of the route on a daily basis.