“Tell me I will forget, show me I will remember, involve me and I will understand.”

Science is all about experimenting and getting involved extensively. Fortunately, at Shalom Presidency we don’t believe in traditional instruction that misrepresents science as a body of facts to be memorised and the process of science as a rigid procedure which may deaden students’ spirit of inquiry. Keeping up with this fresh perspective and to encourage the scientific temper among students, a science exhibition ‘Technorma’ was organised in the school. The students of grades 4th to 8th enthusiastically chose their projects and with still greater enthusiasm got down to work under the able guidance of their science teachers. The result was an array of working and non-working models based on interesting scientific principles, simple machines, scientific games, chemical experiments and what not. What was most impressive about the exhibition was the ‘do it yourself’ spirit of the children. There were a few elaborate set ups like ‘From Fibre to Fabric’, ‘Rain Water Harvesting’, ‘India’s Space Program’ and ‘world Under Water’. It was indeed heart-warming to witness the effort of the young minds. Some other highlights were ‘Tesla Coil’ , ‘ Sustainable generation of electricity ‘, ‘Waste management and disposal’ , ‘Human Skeletal System’, ‘Drip Irrigation’ etc which were dexterously presented and explained by children themselves. Parents were the special guests who took ample interest and went through each project and encouraged the participants. They also gave their inputs to students and motivated them to gain further knowledge.

Taking cue from the success of the venture we plan to conduct many such activities and exhibitions in future because ‘Science of today is the technology of tomorrow.’