An awareness session for the Class IV staff (male and female) was taken by the school counselor, Ms. Elizabeth B. Thomas, Ms. Suniti Bhai, senior academic coordinator and Mr. Satyaveer Singh Yadav, administrative officer on 06 April’19 to make them aware that they too have an important role in protecting children from any harm. Specific do’s and don’ts and important protocol for intimate care was shared with them. The staff was also made to understand the importance of their personal hygiene. They were especially asked to trim their nails and tie their hair properly. It was stressed that under no circumstances any male employee would enter the building during the school hours. The attendants in the washroom were asked to be alert and punctual in disposing their duties and were also asked to report any matter which they think can hamper the well- being of the students in the school to the concerned authorities at the right time. It was also highlighted that failure to comply with the norms could result in strict consequence.