No doubt flowers, fruits and leaves add beauty to a tree but it’s the root which keeps it strong and grounded. Beauty is shallow without firm foundation. Shalom Presidency is thoroughly committed to keep the roots of its students strong and deep, especially in this era of technology and modernisation. To go back to the roots in this materialistic world has in fact become a necessity. And if this is done in the literal sense of sowing seeds and nurturing them it proves to be an added advantage.

The school’s innovative and thoughtful initiative to bring children back to nature and at the same time teach them dignity of labour, saw the students of graders IV to VIII sowing seeds in a portion of land allotted to them. They enjoyed the process and gained first-hand experience of the steps of sowing and other significant details about it. But their work is still not over. They have to take care of the piece of land and the crop they have sown resulting in developing a sense of responsibility.

It was delightful to watch small hands busy doing something so worthwhile and brains learning so much even without realising it. Well-nourished roots are indeed the beginning of the tree of life!