Smashing smiles, vibrant attires and stellar performances enthralled the audience on Thursday, February 20, 2020 as our young Shalomites, the students of Grade III participated in a ramp walk as a part of an ISA Activity, ‘The Endangered Animal Show’. They came dressed as beautiful, distressed and hapless endangered animals and walked the ramp to share their horrifying stories and seek our help in protecting and conserving them.

Beautifully attired as Red Headed Vultures, Bengal Tigers, Maui Dolphins and Asiatic Elephants, our little models set the ramp ablaze and stole everyone’s heart with their power packed performances. They conveyed a significant message loud and clear, that recovering any threatened or endangered species is a challenge that takes time and collaborative conservation efforts. Everyone was overwhelmed to see the fabulous energy that our little ones showcased on the ramp that could give even the professional models a run for their money!