Sports are a bliss for an individual as well as society. Participation in spports and games not only teaches self-discipline, team spirit and humility but also inculcates a never dying spirit. A sportsman never gives up. It also presents numerous examples of excellence to the society to emulate. Hence sports are an integral part of Shalom Presidency School. Keeping up with the tradition of the school, an Annual Athletic Meet was organized for the students of the school. There were various events in each category for the children to compete in. The students gave their best and enjoyed this great learning opportunity. This event brought smiles of well-deserved satisfaction on some faces and some learnt how to lose graciously and to be happy in other’s happiness.

The most awaited moment of any competition is the prize distribution ceremony. On 14th of December2018 the wait of the winners came to an end. It was the day of prize distribution ceremony. Students of grade 1st to 9th took their places in the playground, ready for mass drill. All the eyes were set on the victory podium and the shining medals. In the background of the music of bagpipes and drums the winners marched towards their rightful positions on the podium. It was a proud moment for the winners to receive the medals from their revered Principal ma’am and the certificates from the respected Senior Academic Coordinator. The children happily posed for photographs. The ground echoed with sound of clapping each time a winner’s name was announced indicating the healthy competition that exists among students. It indeed proved to be a memorable day as medals and trophies gather dust with time, but memories are fresh in out minds forever.