“Together may we give our children the roots to grow and wings to fly”.

With this noble thought in mind and to apprise the parents of the positive changes in the school education system, the newly appointed Principal, Ms. Aruna Singh invited the parents of Grade III – X students for an interactive session in different slots between 5 – 8 November 2019. She highlighted the importance of self-learning in students and urged the parents to cultivate the habit of self-study in their children. She advised the parents to develop a good rapport with the children and create a healthy growing environment at home so that they do not fall prey to wrong habits in this transitional phase of life, which is also the most influential stage. Emphasizing on the importance of all-round development in children, she urged the parents to indulge their children in creative activities, so as to utilize their facets well. She enlightened the parents on the CBSE guidelines of integrating various disciplines like Sports, Art, Music etc. into the school curriculum and assured them that these will be closely woven into the teaching pedagogy. She updated them about the school’s readiness for Grade XI and apprised them of her vision for Shalom Presidency School, to be the school to reckon with.