Having a progressive perspective always compels one to explore new frontiers. A true reflection of this are the extra initiatives taken by Shalom Presidency through workshops and talks conducted on a regular basis. Keeping up the tradition, an interactive math workshop was conducted for parents on 1st Dec 2018 at the school’s conference hall. The resource person Mr. Pankaj Jha, a mathematician par excellence and a parent himself, gave the audience educational and mathematical food for thought.

This workshop initiated with the most vital question of what true learning is. The resource person reinstated the fact that developing one’s own understanding and perspective about a topic is true learning. He insisted that thinking is important, and it should be flexible. This leads to the development of multiple approach towards the same concept. He had a few appreciable ideas for parents on how to guide and help children in the right direction.

In the second segment of the workshop, which was titled ‘Beauty and Elegance of Mathematics’, Mr. Jha emphasised that it is necessary and crucial for a person to understand why and how the concept is important. He took up very interesting examples like ‘Golden Ratio’ from the field of math to prove that how understanding of ‘Why ‘and ‘How’ can generate further interest in a concept. He revealed that mathematics is not only about observation of patterns but also about proving them.

Later half of the workshop was dedicated to guiding parents on making right decisions for the higher education of their children. According to him international educational exposure is the key to inculcating a multidimensional creativity in our childre. Arming children with skills, especially technical skills, along with degrees is another dimension because this is where the world is moving. He also threw light on the criteria of international admissions. Having a backup plan is the other thing to be taken very seriously by the parents.

During the interactive session at the end parents came out with varied questions and doubts satisfactorily answered by the resource person by giving real live examples. The parents were also benefitted by the knowledge of fellow participants.