“The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others.”
― Mahatma Gandhi

Shalom Presidency School celebrated the Labour Day on 1 May 2019 with immense vigour to accentuate the achievements of the helpers and workers and ascertain their contribution to the routine functioning of the school.

The school planned and prepared a host of sports activities for them to participate in, enjoy and unwind. This gesture was aimed at recognizing their daily endeavours and articulating gratefulness to them. The support staff took part in all the activities zealously and enjoyed them comprehensively. They also relished scrumptious refreshments ordered especially for them.

The Principal, Ms Mukta Rai, thanked them for their valuable services and selfless support and felicitated them with medals for displaying extraordinary sportsmanship on the ground. These formidable pillars of the school were touched by the love and care shown to them.