Ms. Aruna Singh

SENIOR PRINCIPAL, Shalom Presidency School

Ms. Aruna Singh comes equipped with enormous experience of more than 3 decades as an educator, which includes ten years as Principal of a school of eminence.  She has both proven experience and great drive and enthusiasm which will add complementary strength to our Team. She is well-versed with CBSE, as well as Cambridge curriculum.  She has authored books covering both CBSE & CIEsyllabus.

A true academician, she believes that the goal of education is to provide an environment to the pupils who incorporate consequential learning and personal development.  For her, authentic education implies an ongoing interplay between context, experience, reflection, action and evaluation, which leads not only to mere information gathering but to the integration of this information, insight formation and ultimately transformation of the individual and society.

Her vision for the school is to ensure that all the students achieve academic excellence, become socially aware and develop into alert, responsible global citizens transcending beyond personal expectations, while at the same time experiencing an outstanding and enjoyable education.  Envisaging an ascent of the students towards success by asking more of them today, tomorrow and forever, she accepts as true Henry Ford’s words” “Life begins with one step outside of your comfort zone”.

She visualizes that her ambitious vision can be achieved through addressing three key areas – firstly by improving outcomes for all, secondly by maintaining relentless focus on improving the quality of teaching and learning, and finally by developing high standards of behaviour, life skills and an entrepreneurial spirit that will equip them for their future.

Considering excellence to be a gradual result of always striving to do better, she aims to lead the young minds of Shalom Presidency towards academic excellence, while at the same time remaining devoted to preparing the students for life, grooming them to face the challenges of tomorrow and encouraging them to be socially relevant.


Ms. Mukta Rai

PRINCIPAL, Shalom Presidency School

Ms Mukta Rai is an accomplished academician who has been associated with school education for the past twenty five years. She has held positions of eminence as an educator and as a leader in organisations of repute.

Ms Rai, who hails from a family of noted educationist, specialises in English and Education. She has worked in schools of repute like Delhi Public School Gurgaon where she headed the English department and was felicitated for bringing about stellar Board results.

Her outstanding contribution in mentoring students was commended by the Human Resource and Development Ministry. Recognising her vast experience and expertise in the field of education, the Central Board of Secondary Education appointed Ms Mukta Rai as the Head of its Spot Evaluation team for grade XII English Examination in Gurgaon for four consecutive years. She carried out the task with aplomb and efficiency.

Ms Rai believes that relevance of education lies in igniting spark of curiosity in young minds. Her innovative approach to education rests on the belief that the significance of education lies not in what we acquire through it but what we become by virtue of it.