To build a strong foundation of mathematical concepts, it is important to develop in hildren a strong liking for the subject. Our teachers at Shalom Presidency School, strongly value this understanding and take it to a step forward. The simplest to the most complicated concepts are taught thoughtfully, so that the students not only understand, but also remember the trick behind it.

Grade VI student, learnt about Integers ‘what they are’ and ‘what distinguishes them from other types of numbers’ through a hands on activity. This activity was designed to enforce the skill of computation with integers, and will also get students thinking about maximizing their knowledge, and ordering signed numbers.

The idea behind this method of adding and subtracting signed integers is that the number of rules that students have to memorize is minimal and learning Integers can also be fun!

Making learning fun, has always be the endeavour of teaching fraternity of the school and we are gradually achieving the goal.