Shalom Presidency School believes in equipping its learners with all the skills required for the futuristic world. Thus, multiple opportunities in the form of Olympiads are provided to ensure competitive spirits in the students by contending with other students on a similar educational level. Olympiads assist the students in analyzing their strengths and weaknesses. The participating students are judged based on their scientific-reasoning and logical-ability.

Shalomites added another feather to the cap and brought laurels to the school with their spectacular achievements at the zonal level.

  1. Samarth Deepak (Grade 2) got 5th international rank in IEO (English). He won silver medal and received a cheque of worth Rs.2500.
  2. Dikshita Sharma (grade 3) got 10th international rank in IEO (English). She won Bronze medal and received a gift certificate worth Rs.1000.
  3. Ananya Kumar (grade 4) got 154th international rank in IEO (English). She won silver medal and cheque of Rs.2500.
  4. Ayzel Singh Kalra (Grade 2) in IEO and Ayush Setia (Grade 7) in NCO (Computer) won gift coupon worth Rs.1000.
  5. Yuvraj Jangid (Grade 2) got a certificate of zonal excellence in IEO.

Certificate of merit:

  • Aadi ghudaiya (Grade 7), Krishna Pratap Singh(Grade 6), Ayaan (Grade 5), Nathan Phirose Philip (Grade 4) in IMO (Mathematics)
  • Kashvi Tayal (Grade 5), Krishna Pratap Singh (Grade 6) in NSO (science)
  • Kateryna Danylenko (Grade 5) , Olivia Nayar (grade 5), Nicaia Joseph( grade 5), Siddhay Mahale (Grade 7) in IEO (English)