Hindi is our identity; Hindi is our pride.
Let’s join our hands, to use it nationwide.

September 14, the day the Constituent Assembly of India adopted Hindi as its official language, is celebrated as Hindi Diwas, every year since 1950. In a week-long assembly, dedicated to celebrate Hindi Diwas, various activities were conducted virtually on MS Teams as a mark of acknowledgement of HINDI as the Official Language and to promote and propagate its use. The students participated in various activities with a lot of excitement and fervour. A special assembly was conducted on Hindi Diwas in which the students spoke about the importance of HINDI, the most widely spoken language of the country. The students of Grades I, II and III unfolded the use of the language through Hindi Doha Gayan and Poem Recitation Activities which saw spirited participation from students who recited poems and dohas of Kabirdas and Rahim with expression and correct enunciation. They enthralled their teachers and friends with their articulation and memory skills. The objective of the celebration was to inculcate the love for Hindi and to be proud of speaking it in public domain without any hesitation.