“First organizing it on paper isn’t just academic, it’s an applied prerequisite for manifestation.”
― T.F. Hodge,

In an attempt to demonstrate their skills and faculty to metamorphose their academic texts into vibrant cultural acts, Grade 5 of Shalom Presidency School organized a Special Assembly on 4th May 2019 on the theme ‘Academics and Curriculum.’ The assembly was graced and witnessed by the parents, Dr Lilly Geogre, the Founder Chairperson of Shalom Groups of School and venerated Ms.Krishma, the Director of Shalom Presidency School and the teaching fraternity. The students of grade V who had been religiously preparing for this assembly seemed buoyant and in high spirits.

The assembly commenced with an invocation to the Almighty by cantillating the Lord’s prayer. Thereafter, the audience was transported to the tranquil world of musical relaxation by listening to the group song which emphasized the necessity of persisting fearlessly in life.

Next, the audience was enthralled by the magnetic performance of the students in the skit on Dream Catchers, which was adapted from their English text written by Roald Dahl. The skit was not only educative in appeal but also underlined the relevance of dreams in our lives. In keeping up with the voguish trend of rapping, the students recited the poem, ‘The Village Blacksmith’ in the form of a rap in their next act. This rap recital captivated everyone. The assembly concluded with the singing of the Shalom Anthem.

This admirable presentation by grade 5 students was greatly enjoyed and enormously appreciated by everyone. Our Founder Chairperson, Dr Lilly George ideated the presentation and guided team Presidency monumentally to translate this assembly into a towering success.