To make learning with numbers fun, an activity on addition was planned for grade II. The game helped to assess every students understanding of addition concept and also create a connect for each child with numbers. The students were thrilled to see colourful cards in the hands of the teacher and were all set to play with numbers. The students were divided into two groups namely- ‘Team Aryabhatta’ and ‘ Team Shakuntla Devi’ students sat in a circle and each team got a chance to choose a set of card from the stack laid on the floor(consisting of 5 cards each) starting from single digit number to three digit number. Each team member was asked to think of an operation related to the numbers from that particular stack like, addition of two or three numbers mentally, expanded form of any particular number, number names, rearranging the number in particular order(ascending/descending). Towards the end of first round of the game, students had connected with numbers in different ways and exhibited their strategies to reach to same conclusion in various ways.This activity aimed at building cognitive thinking, reasoning and mental mathematics skills.