E-waste is the toxic legacy of the digital age that needs to be dealt with on priority. On the occasion of International E- Waste Day on 13th October, 2018, Shalom Presidency School organised an awareness campaign at Tau Devilal Botanical Park, sector 53, Gurugram. The campaign was ideated under the guidance and inspiration of the Founder Chairperson of the school, Dr. Lilly George. Students of Shalom Presidency School actively participated in the initiative in association with Deshwal Recycling Centre.

At the very onset of the campaign, students attracted a large number of viewers through their Nukkad Natak. Citizens were sensitized that E-waste management needs urgent attention. Slogans like “E-waste ko prayog me lao” informed the audience about different ways in which they can recycle their unused gadgets. The officials of the Municipal Corporation of Gurgaon and many other dignitaries were present on the occasion to boost the morale of the students. The onlookers felt that it was a great initiative taken by Shalom Presidency School. Citizens were impressed to see students coming forward to spread awareness on the pressing need to manage E- waste, in a first of its kind initiative.

Following the Nukkad Natak, the young scholars of Shalom Presidency School marched on the streets with banners in their hands and slogans on their lips to urge the citizens to manage E – waste wisely. This rally was undertaken to spread awareness not just amongst children but also in the city. After the impactful event, the Principal of Shalom Presidency School felicitated the dignitaries and the corporate partners in the campaign.

In their endeavour to educate students to be responsible citizens, Shalom Presidency School has established an E-waste Management Centre in their premises so that the students can be the change they want to see.