“The best way to predict the future is to create it.”
Abraham Lincoln

Under the aegis of the career counselling programme (Career Connect) of the school, students of grade IX and X interacted with Ms. Ipsita Bhattacharya, Sr. Manager, IBM Limited on 03 Aug’19. The session was aimed at making the students understand the importance of looking into their strength’s and weakness before opting for any career. Ms Bhattacharya highligthed  how creativity plays an important role in companies like IBM and Google thereby making it highly desirable  to  work on their interests /hobbies as these  may help youngsters explore new possibilities. The students were engaged in an activity (create a website) which helped them to think about strategies required to be successful in the assigned task. The session included a few motivational videos which highlighted the need to be determined and confident about one’s career choice.