Cartooning or illustration is an integral part of literature which makes stories come alive and etch the images of the characters in our minds forever. But we rarely get a chance to peek into the world of cartoons and cartoonists. Fortunately, the students of Shalom Presidency were provided this precious opportunity through an interactive session with the eminent cartoonist, illustrator and author, Ajit Narayan on 12th December 2018.

Mr. Ajit Narayan, a master of his art has an illustrious career to boast of. Opening the session, he ensured that children understand two vital facts that what is a cartoon and who is a cartoonist. Summing up the responses of the children he highlighted that a cartoon is an amusing line drawing and the bottom line for a cartoonist is humour and imagination. To spark the imagination and creativity he put up few challenges to the children by drawing clues with the help of geometrical shapes requesting them to draw something with those figures. The enthusiasm of the children proved to be infectious. Each child was on his toes to draw and earn his approval and appreciation. Next it was time to share a few tricks, techniques and secrets of cartooning and Mr. Ajit shared these through the drawings of the two most expressive parts of human body – face and hand. He demonstrated how anybody can draw different expressions of a human face with few simple strokes. He also talked about the three-finger technique of Walt Disney. In the last segment he ignited the minds of our budding artists to be more creative by giving human expressions to simple everyday objects through cartooning. The children enjoyed thoroughly which was quite evident by the smiles with which they left the conference hall, thanks to the inspiring presence of such an eminent personality.